Preventive Dentistry

One of Dr. Sharon Schrott’s main goals is for her patients to maintain a healthy mouth and a long-lasting beautiful smile.  Our hygiene team will answer your questions about oral homecare routines and products. They will also teach you efficient and effective ways to brush and floss your teeth.

Our complete prevention program includes:

  • Dental Prophylaxis
  • Custom Homecare Instructions
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Dental Sealants
  • Preventive Resin Restorations
  • Mouthguards / Nightguards
  • Protective Mouthguards for Athletes

It is estimated that about 5 Million teeth get knocked out during sporting events every year. The cost of replacing a knocked out or fixing a chipped tooth is about twenty times higher than the cost of a custom made sportsguard. Protect your teeth and your smile while enjoying your favorite sport without concerns.

Dr. Schrott can fabricate a custom fit mouthguard for you or your child in only two short and easy appointments.

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