Dentist Dr. Sharon Schrott Provides Professional Dental Care

Dentist Dr. Sharon Schrott and Dr. Alexander Schrott provide a full range of professional dental care services including: Preventive Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Tooth-Color Fillings, Crowns, Inlays and Onlays, Porcelain Veneers, Dentures, Teeth Cleaning, Dental Implants, Full Mouth Restoration, Invisalign® Teeth Straightening, Gum Disease Treatment, Treatment or Prevention of Bad Breath.

Selecting a dentist is a simple task, but selecting one that has the experience and knowledge of all dental specialties is important in obtaining the proper dental care. From a simple cleaning to a complete full mouth restoration, and everything in between, the dentists at the Dr. Sharon Dental Group are experts in providing the most comprehensive care to their patients.


The Dr. Sharon Dental Group provides complete dental care services in these and other fine communities.

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Dr. Sharon Schrott is a Prosthodontist with a special interest in comprehensive, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Her training allows her to treat a wide variety of patient needs, ranging from simple fillings to dental implant therapy, aesthetic procedures and highly complicated full mouth reconstructions.

Prosthodontics is one of nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). Out of approximately 150,000 dentists nationwide, only 4000 or 2.7 % are Prosthodontists. It is the only specialty combining advanced knowledge in cosmetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry.


About Dr. Sharon and Dr. Alexander Schrott

Dental Implants are available from Dr. Sharon Dental Group Danvers, Massachusetts.Dr. Sharon Schrott graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan. Following her graduation she completed a Masters Degree in Prosthodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston.  Dr. Schrott spent two years in Europe, including the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics and Occlusion at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and a private practice in Germany, where she continued her focus on cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Dr. Alexander Schrott is a highly trained specialist in the field of dental implants and Periodontics, who received his training in Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

Dr. Schrott graduated from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, School of Dental Medicine, Germany, in 2003, where he received his Doctorate title (Dr. med. dent.) with magna cum laude. In 2007 he completed his certificate in Periodontology and obtained a Master of Medical Sciences (MMSc) at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

As a recipient of the ITI (International Team for Implantology) Scholarship in 2008, Dr. Schrott spent one year at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where he exclusively focused on implant dentistry.  After continuing his focus on Periodontics and dental implants for a few years in private practice in Germany, Dr. Schrott returned to Boston, where he completed the “Advanced Standing Program for Dental Educators” and received his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Providing comprehensive dental treatment by offering the highest standards of care is of great importance to them. Their time abroad has enabled them to integrate the best of both the European and American philosophies.


Dentist Dr. Sharon and Dr. Alexander Schrott Provide Professional Dental Care

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